Level up as a developer, starting today.
We are not a code school; we're not a bootcamp. We are not a job search engine, either. We are your secret superpower.
We use spaced repetition to help you become as fluent in code as you are in your own language. We amplify other learning techniques or products you may already be using so you get more out of them.
So, where are you at?
Long-term motivation starts here
The first half of mem.dev is an email magazine aimed at developers. Called the Developer Journal, we send it out every two weeks. Each issue packs exclusive content, inspiring interviews with leading developers, and powerful tips. Sign up today.
Next comes deliberate practice
The other component is mem.dev, an online service where you'd be spending time and creating your own personal knowledge dojo — a place to hone your craft as a developer, until you become sharper than ever.