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Deliberate practice is an untapped superpower for most lets you tap the heck out of it.

How it works:

Using the power of spaced repetition, helps you master new programming knowledge so that when you need it — you know it.

Learn something new. Put it in a flashcard. Practice regularly. You will retain that knowledge, guaranteed.

Take control over your learning, and improve much faster as a developer. makes it easy.

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Effortlessly capture new knowledge

Using our Snippets feature and browser extensions, capturing new knowledge takes seconds. Highlight, click, and you're done. Converting your snippets into interactive flashcards is just as easy.

Gorgeous syntax highlighting

Whether you lovingly type your cards or copy-paste carefully selected pearls of wisdom, we're going to make sure they look great. cards offer seamless syntax highlighting for JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and more.

Type in your answers

We code by typing — so let's learn by typing. With, you can set specific areas of a snippet of code you'd like to type in when you drill this card in the future.

Easy search

Bring order into the sea of knowledge in your head. No more Googling for that thing you found a couple weeks ago.

Multiple placeholders per card

Coding isn't all about one-liners: Context matters. Create a card with the complete structure, and mark out various areas of it for practice.

Divide and conquer

Sometimes, it helps to train on large pieces of code. It's also hard. With nested placeholders, you can take a big chunk of syntax and break it down into bite-sized pieces. You'll then train on the little parts, working up to the whole thing.

"It's the most helpful learning technique I've found in 14 years of computer programming."

Derek Sivers

What's spaced repetition?

This video from Osmosis, a learning product for doctors, explains the topic beautifully. does just this, but for software developers.