I'm going to become a programmer
Woo, go you! Whether you're switching from another career (as I have) or just starting out with your sights set on software development as your first job, it's an exciting move.
It is also a daunting one. There's so much to learn, and it can feel overwhelming. Do you need a degree? Should you do a code school or a bootcamp? What about a video course? What language should you learn, even?
Frankly, it's a lot. And once you get started, how do you deal with the frustration of learning?
You've got this.
And I'm pretty sure we can help.
You see, mem.dev is a new kind of tool: It's not a course, a book, or a Stack Overflow clone. Instead, we help you master what you learn and stop forgetting.
I'd tell you more, but it would get long. Here are two things for you to try:
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If you want to do more, your next step is to open a free account, and hopefully schedule a one-on-one call with me (Erez, the guy behind the service) where we'll talk about your goals as a developer and get you started. The call is optional, but worth it.