I'm taking a course or a bootcamp and want to make the most of it
Coding courses and bootcamps are powerful. They're an intensive way to cram a lot of information into your brain. Yes, they can be expensive — but they're often worth it, especially if you come into it with the right mindset.
One question, though: In six months, how much will you still remember? You immerse yourself in the content now, diving deep into this new world. Without a doubt, you'll still have some of the basics and first principles you acquire. The big rocks, the main concepts.
And for some people, that's enough. But what if you could actually remember everything? The syntax, the tips and tricks, all of it? In fact, what if over time, after the course is all said and done, you kept getting better just using the material you've already studied?
With mem.dev, it's possible. It takes two steps: Sustained motivation over time, and the right tools for the job.
Sustaining motivation: the Developer Journal
We publish a magazine every two weeks. It's one of the most inspiring and uplifting emails that can hit a developer's inbox. It's free, and it is an essential part of your journey. If you only do one thing with mem.dev, sign up for the Developer Journal. You'll thank yourself later.
Maintaining knowledge: Sign up for mem.dev
To actually begin saving your hard-earned knowledge, your next step is to open an account. No credit card required. Hopefully, you'd also schedule a one-on-one call with me (Erez, the guy behind the service) where we'll talk about how you can use mem.dev to eke out every ounce of value from the time, effort, and money you're putting into your course. The call is optional, but worth it.